IT systems must serve the user and make their everyday life easier. No digital process will get you anywhere if it’s complicated. Here I am able to offer you my assistance.

Primarily, I bring my knowledge to your project. So everything I’ve learned so far. I am not an SAP consultant. I’m probably not the right person for you either, if you run a multi-million euro company and are looking for the crack from Matrix movie. Unfortunately, I do not know him and will not be able to help you on those matters. But here is what I am offering you:

Your new website & hosting

I design and develop your new website together with you and your team. As a CMS I mostly use WordPress, because it is easy to understand even for beginners and thus gives you the opportunity to work on your website yourself. I have specialized in providing websites: webhosting, databases, PHP and of course backups are part of my standard repertoire.

Digital communication within and to the outside world

Your company is still working with an old ISDN telephone system? You send documents 8 times around the company until every responsible employee has seen them, printed them, signed them and scanned them again? Your employees have to come to the office because many processes are only possible there? That’s yesterday’s news. Let’s together:

  • better connect your business sites digitally.
  • Make the ones you need for your work available on all your employees‘ devices.
  • Make team communication more efficient & easier.
  • move your phone system to the cloud.


I bring the Internet to you. And you to the Internet. With modern network technology. Depending on your location, you can access the Internet via VDSL, coax cable or mobile communications (LTE / 5G).

  • Wi-Fi throughout the office. Also for your employees and guests.
  • Prioritization for phone & everything that is important to you.
  • Secure access to your corporate network while on the road (and in your employees‘ home offices)
  • gladly also with video surveillance

I have aroused your interest?

I am honored by that! You are welcome to write to me directly and we can talk on the phone, then you tell me what your requirements are for a modern IT infrastructure.